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Sit Means Sit is a franchise. In addition to a one-time initial fee, there is a fixed monthly royalty payment.

Being a franchise owner enables you to be trained in our proprietary dog training system that has revolutionized obedience training.  As a franchisee, you’ll also be entitled to our comprehensive support system to ensure you always have the tools you need to succeed.

The process of owning and operating a Sit Means Sit franchise in your area is simple and stress-free. We’re expanding internationally so wherever you are, there is probably a market where we’d like to open new Sit Means Sit pet franchises.

The first step is submitting an application.

After we receive and review it, we’ll send you the corresponding FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) and the standard process begins. There is a time line of events that must take place to protect your best interests that takes about two weeks to complete. Once completed and all background checks are cleared, the final step is securing your certification training dates. You will receive real world training. Our certification program is comprehensive and precise. During your education, you will have classes every day and are expected to study the Sit Means Sit manual daily. Written evaluations and final exams are standard as are the practical applications of your dog handling and teaching skills. The curriculum covers all aspects of the hands on business including but not limited to aggressive dogs, timid dogs, all behavior issues, puppy programs, shelter dogs, group classes, board and train packages, customer service, marketing, internet marketing, video editing, blog work, office management, hosting Sit Means Sit events and much more.

When you graduate from our certification training, you return home armed with the skill sets you will need to build the pet franchise opportunities doing what you love.