Pet Franchise Opportunities FAQ


Why should I buy a franchise with Sit Means Sit?

Starting a professional dog training franchise with Sit Means Sit allows you to take advantage of the largest and most successful U.S. animal based dog training company in the History of the United States. If you’re looking for an exceptional national company providing a unique top-notch service in a recession-proof multi-billion dollar industry, this is it. This is the “next great business opportunity” and you won’t want to miss it. Sit Means Sit can make you a leader in the industry and help you make your dreams a reality! You receive a lot more than just learning how to effectively train a puppy or canine; you learn how to make a career in the dog training business. There is a BIG difference. As a Sit Means Sit Franchisee you receive all the training protocols, business support, and knowledge developed over years of success. In addition to becoming a Sit Means Sit dog trainer, the franchise system includes branding, advertising and marketing assistance, sales training, add-on products and more. Learn more about pet franchise opportunities with Sit Means Sit.

With the Sit Means Sit franchise, how much capital do I need to invest?

The initial fee range is $45,000. This includes your franchise fee, Sit Means Sit certification training, (housing included), ongoing annual education and support via conference calls, internet and phone. Additionally, we extend our support through our National Trainers Tour featuring Regional Seminars. Each seminar has no training tuition fee, only a minor operational event fee of less than a couple hundred dollars. (All Sit Means Sit training and events do not include the cost of travel to and from the training, food, or incidentals.)

Can I apply for a Franchise online?

No. However, you may start the process by filling out the Franchise Application and submitting it to Sit Means Sit Franchise, Inc.

What are the steps in starting a Sit Means Sit Franchise?

The stages are explained in-depth in the Sit Means Sit on the Franchise Application page, below are the highlights listed:

Stage 1

  • Complete application and submit via email.
  • You will receive a phone call confirming receipt of your application.
  • You will receive an introduction email from our Franchise Manager that includes our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) with clear instructions on how to confirm its receipt.
  • You will receive an additional phone call from our Franchise Manager to set up an appointment for your initial introduction for our first Franchise interview – if it was not fully addressed in the initial contact phone call.
  • Print, sign and send the FDD Receipt page in to our corporate office via fax or scan and email.
  • Due Diligence: discussions with existing franchisees.

Stage 2

(Processing will continue directly with our Sit Means Sit Accounting Dept. once the trade area has been mutually agreed upon.)

  • Build sample “Trade Area”.
  • Once “Trade Area” has been mutually approved, submit non-refundable deposit via wire transfer or certified check.
  • Provide proof of citizenship or permanent resident/alien registration card and complete Disclosure and Authorization for background credit check.
  • Process criminal background check, Driving Record and Credit Check.
  • Provide proof of assets.
  • Request school start date

Stage 3

  • Sit Means Sit accounting department review.

Stage 4

  • Franchise approval.
  • Secure financing
  • Sign and notarize Sit Means Sit Franchise License Agreement.
  • Remit balance of initial franchise fee.
  • Schedule and begin Franchise Training.
  • Open Sit Means Sit Franchise.


Does the Sit Means Sit Franchise offer financing?

Sit Means Sit may offer to finance a portion of your initial fee, in which case you will sign a Secured Promissory Note (Exhibit “D”). As of the date of this Disclosure Document, we presently charge interest at an Annual Percentage Rate of 7% compounded annually (not to exceed the highest rate allowed by law) but we reserve the right to change the interest rate to reflect increases in prevailing interest rates. The term of financing will typically be for 36 months, but may vary as we may determine on a case by case basis taking into account your individual needs and credit worthiness, among other factors. You may prepay all or any portion of your indebtedness without penalty. Over due and past due balances will be subject to late charges in addition to the finance charges.

Is my Franchise exclusive for my city?

All franchisees are granted a protected radius dependant on demographics, population and location.

What background and experience do I need to be a strong Sit Means Sit Franchise candidate?

Sit Means Sit places emphasis on selecting qualified individuals and investors who have the background of retail, marketing or another comparable business experience, also, those who either have small-business start-up or investment experience and/or those that have experience in operations management and/or financial management.

What resources are available to me once I open my franchise?

Sit Means Sit offers proprietary manuals and support material to each Sit Means Sit franchisee.  Not to mention, an Annual Conference, a National Seminar Tour, featuring Regional ‘Trainer Only’ gatherings throughout the year. Furthermore, Sit Means Sit offers on-going sales and product education conference calls, business strategy coaching service, negotiated vendor/supplier opportunities and a corporate resources website. Sit Means Sit Corporate staff are also available via phone and e-mail for more information.

How long does it take to become a Franchisee?

Depending on how prepared an individual or investor is at the start of the process, and the State of choice, Sit Means Sit can be opened within 6 months of submitting the Franchise Application.

What types of revenue streams will I have in my Sit Means Sit franchise?

On the revenue side, you have four streams of income to forecast:

  • Obedience and behavior  training fees from consumers

  1. For those locations that are zoned appropriately, board and train packages are a steady staple of income.

  • Sit Means Sit collar sales
  • Product sales (inventory from our online store), Sit Means Sit owners buy all products at wholesale prices, allowing significant profit from resale (see local tax officials to see if you need a sales tax license for such sales).

A price sheet will be included in your new owner packet.

In addition to the above revenue streams, Sit Means Sit is continually working to expand your income potential through partnerships with like-minded people and companies. The affiliate programs offered through Sit Means Sit permit for supplemental earnings through passive income streams. Your bottom line is increased through minimal effort on your part.

What is the initial investment?

The initial fee for a single “Sit Means Sit” franchise is $45,000.

What are the advertising expenses?

Advertising expenses consist of a marketing contribution representing 1% of gross sales used in national advertising and 1% gross sales allocated for local advertising.

How do I find a location?

When starting a franchise with Sit Means Sit, our franchise team will help you select a location within Sit Means Sit dog training site criteria specifications.

Once I buy a franchise, how long is the training time?

The first Training Program shall consist of approximately 150 hours over roughly a 21day period and shall be provided by Licensor prior to the opening of the Licensed Business.

What are the Sit Means Sit royalties?

The continuing royalty is $500.00 per month.

What support do I get from Sit Means Sit once my franchise opens?

Sit Means Sit provides ongoing support in training, via an Annual Conference, a National Seminar Tour, featuring Regional ‘Trainer Only’ gatherings throughout the year. Furthermore, the company offers on-going sales classes and product education conference calls, business strategy coaching, and negotiated vendor/supplier opportunities. Sit Means Sit Corporate staff, are also available via phone and e-mail for more information.

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